Collapse of book distributor strands hundreds

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Collapse of book distributor strands hundreds By Linda Morris 19 August 2018 — 5:31pm The collapse of a “stalwart” Melbourne book distributor has stranded hundreds of tiny publishers and self-published authors in the lead-up to the Christmas buying spree. Dennis Jones & Associates has been the … Read More

The Perils of Loud Letters of Demand

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I thought I would pass on an article written by the solicitor, leading insolvency commentator and author of the Insolvency Bible, Michael Murray. Source: The perils of loud letters of demand A creditor being paid its debt following a letter of demand can be a Pyrrhic … Read More

Replacing a Liquidator – It Ain’t Easy!

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Recent reforms under the Insolvency Law Reform Act intended to make the replacement of an External Administrator/Liquidator easier for creditors to achieve but in reality, it may have had the opposite effect. In the past, liquidations instigated by the directors/shareholders required the appointee take the … Read More