What happens when you liquidate a company

insolvencyCompany Liquidation

A liquidator is appointed, generally because it can’t pay its debts. At the time of appointment, the liquidator  becomes the proper officer of the company. At the same time, the company directors powers are immediately suspended. The powers of the liquidator are laid out in Section 477 … Read More

Defending Unfair Preference Claims

stevekugelCompany Liquidation

In every liquidation, Liquidators seek to identify and recover monies paid to creditors where it can be shown the recipient knew or suspected a Company was insolvent at the time payment was made. The primary purpose of the law of Unfair Preference Claims is to … Read More

5 Reasons for Failure in Australian Small Business

stevekugelCompany Liquidation

Over the last two years, the number of businesses coming into the Australian economic market has risen by 1%. Though some might consider that an insignificant increase at first, the additional 1% represents an increase of 21,000 new businesses in Australia. However, though this might … Read More