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Will Company Liquidation Help Me?

Yes – Many if not most of our clients report that liquidation helped them in terms of:

  • Immediately ending the stress of continual creditor harassment
  • Diverting attention to the Liquidator’s office and away from the director
  • Protection from possible personal liability for insolvent trading and unpaid taxes
  • Bringing to an end an unwinnable fight that often has been fought for years
  • Being able to concentrate on obtaining a regular income
  • Being in a position to improve health and personal relationships undone by years of stress

Will Company liquidation help my employees?

Yes – if you have been unable to pay wages and entitlements (not including superannuation) as soon as the Company enters into Liquidation, we will assist your eligible employees to claim under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Scheme.

Under this scheme, eligible employees can recover unpaid wages and entitlements often within 6 weeks of the liquidation. Once they have been paid, the Attorney-General’s Department is subrogated to the position of the employee in the liquidation. This means that if a distribution is paid in the liquidation, it will go toward repaying the government for paying out the employee obligations.

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How do I start the liquidation?
The first step is to call us free of charge on 1300 767 525 and obtain advice specifically tailored to your Company’s circumstances.

We provide a Free, 24 Hour, no-obligation telephone service to answer all your questions about company liquidation and insolvency generally. If liquidation is not appropriate, we will let you know the most appropriate course of action.

Whether you speak with us or another firm, always insist on speaking with a person that is registered and licensed with ASIC – preferably the registered liquidator themselves who will manage your company’s liquidation. By doing so, the person advising you is able to be held accountable by the authorities for any advice given.

Avoid salespeople and unscrupulous, unregulated and unlicensed advisors who prey around the edges of the insolvency system, often exploiting vulnerable people in financial crisis.

What is the timing of placing a company into liquidation?
We can have your company placed into liquidation within the day – if necessary.

We provide you with all the documents needed to achieve this – and we can usually get those forms to you within an hour of our first discussion.

All we need from you are the following:

  • Return of the signed forms that include Minutes of Meetings and ASIC lodgement forms
  • A list of creditors names, addresses and amounts (amounts don’t need to be precise)
  • A list of employee entitlements, names, addresses and amounts
  • A listing of any assets
  • Details of any leased assets

How long does liquidation take – from start to finish?
There is no set time frame to complete a liquidation. However The Insolvency Experts provide an express service where a simple liquidation can be fully completed within 4 – 6 months.

Occasionally, if a matter is complex, a liquidation may take longer than this. Factors that dictate the time to complete a liquidation include:

  • Legal proceedings such as for the recovery of debts
  • Awaiting ASIC approval to complete or creditor views on various claims

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